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69  charlie places to move to 12/01/04 09/03/07
69  charlie help charlie move 05/29/06 06/04/06
65  ajpursell Help My Friend Move In 03/30/06 03/30/06
64  marg. your favorite dance move 06/06/07 07/27/18
59  Ben Bush Does anyone want to move into my house? 01/13/05 01/15/05
57  rey is anyone looking to move in the oakland/berkeley area? 10/08/03 10/08/03
57  juliana Helping People Move Furniture is Personally Rewarding 08/10/05 08/16/05
49  Karena Hiring Movers 08/17/06 01/14/18
46  photo_alex help alex move. 06/27/05 05/30/06
40  j.b. ajna's bowel movements 03/04/04 09/26/05
35  jaxonium the "Hang Tuff With OLEHOLE" Movement 04/13/09 05/27/09
35  ajpursell June 1st! Play hooky and help me move! 05/18/06 05/18/06
34  okazaki ajna! do you realize who moved your plates! 11/23/05 11/28/05
32  nate The Moustache Rides Again: The thread for Movember 11/17/10 11/17/10
30  adambeck Looking to move? Great storefront/loft space available on Berkeley/Oakland border 06/01/08 06/03/08
29  Erich Jinxremove 05/25/04 05/28/04
12  Anita Mr. Shea (move spoiler alert!) 03/26/04 03/27/04
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