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60  Mei Urgently needed: Staple gun 02/03/05 02/11/05
56  Erich Is today the day to talk about gun control laws? 12/15/12 04/06/16
53  Dr. Tim fill in the blanks... i want to know what the lyrics are fore this verse of Tommy Gun by The Cla 01/25/05 07/20/05
40  danthrax Pinhead Gunpowder 01/28/08 02/11/08
40  George Gung hay fat choy 02/06/05 02/09/05
38  Justin Guns Germs and Steel 10/22/03 10/23/03
36  brady Tim Gunn's Guide to Style 09/07/07 08/05/13
35  ammason Anybody like to shoot guns? 10/25/04 06/29/12
34  mike Gunbound - Game of the future 02/09/04 02/11/04
32  d gunman kills 21 on Virginia Tech campus 04/16/07 05/03/07
30  Cpt. Tim gunman kills 1, himself at NASA's Johnson Space Center 04/20/07 04/20/07
27  rey pregunta 05/04/05 05/05/05
13  christahey Ladies Shotgun Circle 03/08/08 05/12/08
11  ammason Shotgun Wedding @ Bruno's 04/25/05 04/27/05
aneesa videos of el tim shotgunning beers 02/24/08 03/09/15
Cpt. Tim Dick Cheney shoots man with shotgun. 02/12/06 02/23/07
nik Casshern, Shogun Assassin, Black Tight Killers 4pm 11/27/04 11/28/04
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